Insulation figures welcomed

HOUSEHOLDERS in Arbroath are to benefit from lower energy bills as a result of the recent home insulation scheme run in partnership with Angus Council

Figures have been released showing the outcome of the home insulation scheme in Angus, carried out between 2009 and 2011 and of the 24,000 homes visited under the scheme, 8,500 received energy efficiency checks and more than 2,000 received extensive insulation measures.

These measures will cut average household energy bills by £51 a year and by around £2,000 over the 40-year lifetime of the insulation.

Angus Council’s housing convener, Jim Millar, welcomed the figures, saying: “With rising fuel costs making fuel poverty an increasingly serious issue in Angus, it is vital that we all appreciate the importance of energy efficiency.

“Typically, a third of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home is through the walls, and a quarter through the roof. Installation of measures such as cavity and loft insulation can therefore make a substantial impact on heat-loss.

“In addition, the project provided much needed employment and training for surveyors and installers in Angus, and injected valuable investment into the local construction sector.”

The convener added: “We will continue to identify all opportunities to help Angus households cut their fuel bills and at the same time make Scotland a better place to live by helping to reduce carbon emissions.”