Infirmary parking proposal could be raised again

USING Common Good land to ease parking problems around Arbroath Infirmary could be proposed again if NHS Tayside still refuse to provide more spaces, according to one local councillor.

The health authority had previously said they would find additional parking within the infirmary grounds, but last month they told the Herald they had no current plans to create more spaces.

And with parking chaos still surrounding the hospital, Councillor David Fairweather says he has instructed the head of roads to write to NHS Tayside to confirm and clarify their position.

But he added if they still refuse to make more space within the infirmary, the use of Common Good Ground could be looked at but only if the NHS agree to pick up the cost of the work.

He explained to the Herald: “We initially agreed to let NHS Tayside find more spaces within the grounds of the hospital but now a year on nothing has been done about it.

“I have asked the head of roads to write to NHS Tayside to get them to confirm and clarify their position.

“Something certainly needs doing so it may be a case of having to use the common good land opposite the hospital.

“But if this is the case I would fully expect the NHS to fund the work of creating a car park rather than the council as it is not really our problem.”

Parking at Arbroath Infirmary has always been limited, but with a number of new clinics now running at the hospital, it has been tougher for patients, staff and residents living nearby to find a parking space.

Councillor Fairweather says several people have approached him asking if putting double yellow lines along Rosemount Road would solve the problem.

But he believes this would just move the problem to elsewhere.

He said: “Putting double yellow lines won’t actually solve the problem but just move it further down to Addison Place and Alexandra Place.

“Something needs to be done and it is definitely not an issue that has been forgotten. Hopefully once we get a reply from the NHS, we will be able to find a way forward.”