Infirmary parking no better

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THE OPENING of a new car park at Arbroath Infirmary is still not easing the parking headache according to local residents.

The new facility opened last Monday but as our picture taken last week shows, the car park is not full despite other motorists still parking on the street.

The car park, a joint venture between Angus Council and NHS Tayside was meant to solve the traffic problems in the infirmary area to keep cars moving outside.

It was also hoped that residents would benefit from the scheme, but one man who lives in Victoria Street says there has been no difference.

Iain Bell told the Herald: “Even though the car park has opened there is still two full lines of traffic down either side of the road.

“It is actually even more dangerous than before because cars coming out of the car park can’t see what is coming when they are turning into the road.

“It can be very difficult to negotiate so the council should think about putting double yellow lines down.”

Meanwhile one reader, ianmc left a comment on our website also saying the situation has got no better.

He added: “Using this road every day I can’t say I have noticed any lessening of the problems which this car park was justified with.

“It still remains a nightmare to run along, while each and every time I have passed since the car park has been open it has been in the same state of non use your photo demonstrates.”

Angus Council have now said they are monitoring use of the car park and there are plans to extend the double yellow lines.

A spokeswoman said: “We are currently monitoring the usage of the new car park and will continue to do so for some months. There are plans to extend the double yellow lines at a future date.”