Infirmary car parking problem finally resolved

THE END is finally in sight for the parking chaos around Arbroath Infirmary after plans to build a car park on the Common Good land opposite the hospital were given the go ahead.

It was suggested almost 10 years ago that more parking should be freed up around the infirmary and as the number of out-patient clinics at the site have increased the parking problem has worsened.

Moves were made to try and squeeze extra spaces into the infirmary grounds but it did nothing to ease the parking headache in the surrounding streets.

However at a full council meeting on Thursday, members agreed that part of the Common Good land opposite the infirmary could be used to create a car park.

A one off payment of £27,000 from Arbroath’s Common Good fund, along with £60,000 from NHS Tayside will be used to fund the development.

The idea of using the Common Good land to create a car park was first mooted by councillors Alex King and Bob Spink.

And Councillor Spink was happy the long running problem has reached a conclusion.

He said: “I’m absolutely glad that after all this time we have finally got it resolved.

“It was Peter Nield who moved the motion for this to happen and I seconded it.

“It all came to an unanimous conclusion and hopefully it will go through the planning procedures in the New Year.

“It was myself and Alex King who brought this issue forward three years ago and I’m glad it is being resolved.

“All’s well that ends well as they say.”

Arbroath Infirmary now holds many clinics, including a renal dialysis service, meaning more people are travelling to the hospital.

And sometimes the situation is so bad, residents living in nearby streets are forced to park their cars away from their homes.

However, some people were critical of using the Common Good land for a car park.

But Councillor David Fairweather has said the design of the car park will not compromise the surroundings.

He added: “The car park will be designed in a way that will complement the area.

“There will be soft landscaping and it will be looked at sensibly.

“I’m relieved that it has been resolved as it has been a long time coming.

“The NHS dragged their heels hard on this but they agreed to the £60,000 funding last week.

“I would like to congratulate our council officers though who negotiated hard with the NHS to resolve this.”

The proposal will now have to go to the development standards committee early next year to gain planning approval.