Incredible 1100 mile journey for Ryan

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On Friday, August 5, Arbroath man Ryan Ramsay completed an epic 1100 mile charity cycle run from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Ryan was raising funds for the “Reach Across” Charity, based in Angus, which supports individuals who are experiencing mental health issues. The charity was started recently by Ryan’s mother Sandra Ramsay and his Aunt Donna Bow.

He said: “Following the death of my brother Ross through mental health, my family founded Reach Across. Over the last two years I have completed several big challenges but this one was bigger and better, to celebrate the founding of the charity.”

Ryan’s journey, on a bike he christened “Rambo”, began on July 18 and he carried his tent with him and slept where he could en route, indulging in “wild camping”. Not only that, he recorded the details of his trip in a highly-entertaining blog at

Ryan was hoping to raise £2500 for the charity, a task he claims would have been a lot easier if he’d had a pound for every time someone told him “you should’ve gone the other way - it’s all downhill from John O’Groats downwards”!

Ryan didn’t take the most direct route either, as he went “a fair bit out of the way” to the Isle of Bute, where he performed at Music Festival Butefest.

He also revealed some startling facts about his 19-day adventure: he burned over 60,000 calories; he consumed 58 Bounty bars (once having three for breakfast as there was nowhere open); he did not have a puncture and he used his shoes and a towel as a pillow.

Asked about the most unusual thing to have happened on his journey, Ryan replied: “I saved a hedgehog’s life! There it was, stranded in the middle of the busy A9, struggling to make it across, so I picked it up and took it to the other side. Then another cyclist joined in by playing lollypop lady! It was the funniest thing you ever saw.”

Thanks to the “fantastic members of the public”, Ryan successfully passed his initial target of £2500 during the final leg of his trip. He said: “On the final day of an adventure of a lifetime I found out we had beaten our target. I just want to say THANK YOU ALL!”

At time of going to press, Ryan’s total currently stands at £2920. Donations can still be accepted until September 30 and those wishing to contribute should visit the following web page