Inchcape on the pull in London!

The winning Big Lifeboat Pull team from BAM Nuttall with Arbroath RNLI lifeboat in Hyde Park
The winning Big Lifeboat Pull team from BAM Nuttall with Arbroath RNLI lifeboat in Hyde Park

The newly refurbished Arbroath lifeboat made a brief, but interesting, stop-off on its journey home from Poole last week.

On Friday, the all-weather lifeboat ‘Inchcape’ visited Hyde Park in London to take part in the RNLI’s Big Lifeboat Pull event.

The challenge was to pull the 14 tonne, 11.5 metre long Mersey-class boat 250 yards in the quickest possible time.

To make things more interesting the nine teams of eight had to pull ‘Inchcape’ while it was atop a low loader, making the total weight a lung-bursting 37 tonnes.

The fastest time was achieved by the team from construction firm BAM Nuttall who completed the herculean task in just six minutes and one second.

At the time of going to press the total amount of money raised was not yet known, but as the teams had to raise £500 to enter with an additional fund-raising target of £2,000 per team the RNLI hopes to raise over £20,000.

Chairman of the RNLI, Charles Hunter-Pease, attended the Big Lifeboat Pull and joined the cheering crowds lining North Carriage Drive, Hyde Park.

He said: “The Big Lifeboat Pull was a fantastic event a great spectacle. Everyone who took part really enjoyed it, although it was a lot tougher than the teams were expecting. All those who came along to support the teams seemed to have a great time.

“Fund-raising events like this are so important to our charity, as they provide us with valuable funds which we invest into saving lives at sea.

“We can only go out and rescue those in trouble at sea because of the generosity of the public, as we depend on donations. This event provided us with a great opportunity to take an operational all-weather lifeboat to London. All-weather lifeboats are based around the coasts and so people inland don’t often get to see them.”