In the market for a farmers market?

Farmers Market
Farmers Market

The Arbroath community has buzzed to life online recently following the suggestion of a regular farmers market.

Arbroath Online captured all the reactions and responses from locals and visitors to the idea that the town could host a regular farmers or continental food market.

There was a resounding cry, or type, of ‘yes!’ when James Shepherd-Blythe posted the idea last week.

Chair of the Arbroath Town Centre Retailers’ Association Chic Grant warned enthusiastic shoppers that organising such an endeavour takes time and organisation and urged those interested ‘to get off your bums and do it!’

He said: “If anyone would like to try and organise one please feel free, it takes a lot of time and effort to do.

“We did discuss it at the Retailers Association and it was said then that the group that came here before were not keen on coming back.

“There is the small problem of road closures that have to be paid for as well as a host of health and safety issues that need to be covered not to mention the meetings you have to have to get it all set up.”

Angus Council require any person occupying any part of any road for any reason to acquire permission from the Roads Authority. This includes any route over which there is a public right of passage, by whatever means, and includes the road verge or footway over which the road passes, which would apply to a market, should it be held on the pedestrianised area of the High Street.

Derek Wann, Conservative candidate for Angus said: “I would certainly welome a farmers market, I can’t believe Arbroath doesn’t already have one but I also appreciate Chic’s comments.

“It can be a bit of a nightmare with negotiating the restrictions and it is more about who has the time to organise it. Definitely welcome edition.”