In the Frame

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Following a presentation comparing Christmas celebrations here to those in Malawi, by Sheila Dunphy from St Andrew’s Church, and Alice, a visitor from Malawi, Colliston Primary Eco Council decided to help. All the children were shocked to hear that the children in Malawi do not receive toys at Christmas and have to walk 4 miles without shoes to collect water every day. The Eco Councillors made posters and asked parents and children to donate unwanted shoes, toys, clothing, toiletries, books and bikes that are still in good condition. The photo shows the Eco Councillors sorting out some of the many donations.

The Pupil Council have also suggested that donations from the end of term service will also be sent to Malawi to ease the famine there. St Andrew’s Church send a container over to Malawi regularly so if anyone would like to make a donation they would be very happy to pass them on.