Ice plagues school playground

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Parents from Inverbrothock Primary School took playground matters into their own hands last Thursday after a thick layer of black ice threatened the pupils’ play time.

A concerned parent of an Inverbrothock school pupil said: “We had to put salt all over a massive playground because it hadn’t been done.

“Children were allowed to play in the morning before class time on the icy playground.”

Parents were informed by school staff that it was not the school’s responsibility to grit the playground.

They were warned that they were undertaking the de-icing at their own risk, but worry for the children’s safety was paramount.

“It was like black ice, a few children fell and we were worried,” the parent commented.

A council spokesperson said: “In the event of severe winter weather the council clears and grits a dedicated path to the main entrance of our schools and this is done at regular intervals.

“If parents are uncertain of the designated main path we would ask them to check with the school.

“We may clear and treat other paths but this will depend upon the resources and time available.

“Playgrounds and car parking areas are not treated as a priority.

“If during severe weather the school thinks the playground is unsafe then the children will not be allowed to use it during the school day.”

Angus Council maintain over 1,100 miles or roads and pavements and in a typical winter, spend over £2.3 million dealing with winter weather conditions.