Ian wins big for Horseback UK

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A TELEVISION appearance by an Arbroath fund-raiser has seen a forces charity benefit to the tune of £98,000.

Arbroath man Ian Wren appeared on the STV programme ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ on Sunday night and his general knowledge earned HorseBack UK the large amount of cash.

And with Ian helping the charity to raise so much money, the charity is now hoping they will be able to open another centre in England, which will help injured troops rehabilitate through riding and looking after horses.

Currently, the charity has one centre in Aboyne, where many injured soldiers, including members of 45 Commando, have spent time.

And with the eventual plan to have five centres in total across the UK, Ian says his fund-raising will just continue.

He explained: “We are delighted with the £98,000 and this will allow HorseBack to build yet another centre down south.

“But we have to continue to raise money so we can eventually get five centres up and running.

“We are getting more and more people coming back from places like Afghanistan with horrible injuries and we should be doing all we can for them.”

Ian’s appearance on TV has been one of the more high profile fund-raisers for the charity with an estimated 3.5 million people tuning in to watch the show hosted by Gethin Jones.

But that doesn’t mean Ian will be stopping his work for the charity anytime soon.

He added: “I will be doing a collection at Gayfield on October 29, we have a race night organised for later in the month and I will also be doing a west to east cycle soon too.

“Hopefully the show will have raised awareness of HorseBack as I feel injured soldiers coming back home deserve everything we can give them.”