Iain missing for four years

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AN ARBROATH man has been missing for exactly four years today (Friday) without any contact with friends or family.

Iain Mowatt disappeared from his homeless flat in North Grimsby on August 12, 2007, and despite continued appeals, no contact has been made.

His family and friends say they are deeply concerned for his well-being and hope that he is safe and well.

There have been thorough searches of soup kitchens and homeless shelters around Scotland, and every sighting has been checked and unfortunately come to nothing.

There have also been searches of Arbroath Harbour and the cliffs and surrounding area by the police because Iain was believed to be in a depressed state and was on medication at the time of his disappearance, but still nothing has been found.

His best friend, Andrew McLean, has asked that Iain get in touch.

He said: “This is a mystery to us all. I am regularly asked by Iain’s friends if there has been any further developments, and I am sad to say no.

“We are desperate to find out how Iain has somehow managed to disappear into thin air, and has made no contact.

“I see his family on a regular basis and they all miss him so much.

“I am appealing to the public to try to remember 2007, anything that would be useful to try to piece together his strange disappearance.

“Even if it is through one of the confidential missing person helplines to let those who care about him know that he is safe and well, or if anyone knows of his whereabouts use the confidential numbers available on his appeal site via https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/iainmowatt”

Iain is described as 6ft 4in tall, with dark hair and blue eyes, he was last seen wearing a green and white hooped Celtic top, grey jogging bottoms and white trainers.

Iain also has a distinctive panther tattoo on his right arm. Messages can also be passed on through the confidential service, Message Home on 0800 700 740.