Human rights workshop

ANGUS Independent Advocacy (AIA) held a human rights workshop last Wednesday for staff and volunteers.

The speakers were Dr Sue Kelly and Dr Sally Witcher, consultants sponsored by Inclusion Scotland to explore how using human rights can inspire disabled people to use their rights to live independently.

Elizabeth Montgomery-Fox, AIA’s volunteer support worker, said: “Human rights is one aspect of the independent advocacy work we do with disadvantaged people. Protecting human rights increases peoples’ chances to be part of society, find different answers to their problems and hopefully improve their quality of life.”

One of the expected outcomes of this project is the development of a mini toolkit which AIA hope to use to support vulnerable people to make use of their human rights.

AIA is one of three organisations across Scotland involved in this process.

Elizabeth continued: “Following on from today’s training, human rights awareness training is to be rolled out to the rest of our volunteer team before the summer.”

AIA is beginning its spring preparation training course at the end of this month. If you would like more information about advocacy, or being an advocate with AIA, call Elizabeth Montgomery-Fox for more information on 01241 434413.