House prices going through the roof

IMPROVED transport links implemented in recent years is the reason why Arbroath was listed in the top 10 UK towns for house price increases over the last decade, according to a local property manager.

Since 2001, the town has recorded a 129 per cent increase in the average house price per square metre a study by the Bank of Scotland found.

And better transport along with the town attracting other amenities means Arbroath is a desirable place to live according to Thorntons Property Services manager Roddy Maxwell.

He said: “The general improvement of communications, primarily the duelling of the A92 through to Dundee, adding to the town’s position on the mainline railway, has seen an increase in commuters looking to move to Arbroath.

“More recent investments from Tesco and the soon to be opened Asda store, are providing new employment whilst adding to the facilities and services available locally.”

The list of towns was topped by Peterhead in Aberdeenshire with other Scottish locations such as Montrose, Inverurie and Ellon also being in the top 10.

And Roddy added commuters to Aberdeen and Dundee are realising Arbroath represents good value as a place to live.

He explained: “It is extremely encouraging to see Arbroath included in the top 10 for UK house price growth. I would agree that, historically, this will have been influenced, to a degree, by the oil industry.

“Commuting to Aberdeen and Dundee became more popular as buyers realise that towns like Arbroath offer relatively good value by comparison to city prices and offer a good level of services to cater for day to day family needs.

“Similarly, as house prices in Dundee moved upwards during the property boom, buyers were encouraged to make the relatively short drive to Arbroath and other areas of Angus.”