Hospitalfield host successful writing events

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The driving force behind the Hospitalfield writers events, arts tutor Lisa Simmons, has spoken of her delight at the programme.

Angus resident Lisa, who hosted a question-and-answer session with award-winning author James Robertson on Saturday, September 5, told the Herald: “It was a great day and I loved every moment.

“Interviewing James Robertson was brilliant. We had an intimate and enthusiastic group of over 30 fellow writers for the session. It was such an honour to be given the opportunity to interview such an eminent writer of our time and to listen to his particular ‘routine’ of writing.

“It begins with coffee in the morning; followed by writing a 1000 words each day and editing the 1000 words form the previous day.

“His ‘routine’ and a room of his own to write in gave us all an insight into the creator of And The Land Lay Still. Furthermore, James also explained that the ‘art’ of storytelling is what makes us all human, as it is a fundamental part of how we relate to the world around us and the people in it. Whether it is an observation, a conversation or a more traditional story with a beginning, middle and end.”

Lisa went on to talk about another event in the pipeline for Hospitalfield, an evening concert entitled “Angus Writers in Song” to be held later in the year: “The song night will bring the wonderful poems of the Scottish Renaissance to life for many who may not be familiar with the poetry and the writers from Angus who created it.” To find out more, visit