Hospitalfield fundraising to restore historical harp

The Harp is needing restoration
The Harp is needing restoration

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Hospitalfield in the hopes to restore a 19th century harp designed by Sebastian Erard.

The Hospitalfield Harp was made in around 1830 by Sebastian, whose developments made the Grecian Harp the leader in Gothic style harps.

They hope to display the harp, and use it in concerts, but renovations are need to bringing back to life.

The work required on the harp can be carried out by Pilgrim Harps, who are specialists in this area of work.

They will do repairs to the structure and finish of the harp as well as restringing and tuning it, ready for the concert.

However, in order to get the restoration work done, Hospitalfield need to raise funds, and have launched a crowdfunding page with a target of £4800.

Part of the rewards for donating to the cause includes tickets to a concert next year, at which the harp will be played.

Laura Simpson, programme manager at Hospitalfield, said: “We are very excited with the prospect of returning this wonderful instrument to its former glory and hearing the music during the summer concert. We are really grateful to those who have already shown an interest in joining us in this quest by making a pledge and look forward to welcoming many others into the project so we can get to the target needed.

There’s a bit still to go but we are confident we can make it.”

Lucy Byatt, director at Hospitalfield, added: “We want to be able to display the harp as part of the collection, alongside the paintings, ceramics, embroidery, carving and sculpture so that it can be seen by visitors.

“Restoring the harp to a playable state means that audiences can hear expert harpists playing the instrument during special events, like the events within the rewards!”

Donations to the funding appeal can be made online at