Honorary Lichtie visits for 30 years

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Jessie Loftus from Motherwell has been visiting Arbroath for 30 years. The Arbroath Herald caught up with her at the Harbour nights Guest house on a recent visit to find out what has kept her coming back.

The 84-year-old first visited the town on the recommendation of her friend Mr Freeman. She said: “I used to visit Peterhead but Mr Freeman, suggested I come with him to Arbroath. I loved it right away. The welcome I got here was wonderful. I have made so many friends over the years.” Jessie and Mr Freeman used to stay in Kingsley House when it was manned by Jean and Luigi before they retired, and turned to Bill Adam from Harbour Night Guest House for new accommodation. Since Mr Freeman’s death six years ago, Jessie has continued to visit, enjoying Arbroath and the surrounding area with the friends she has made. “The shops have changed but they are still as welcoming. Only yesterday the lady from ‘Finishing Touches’ said ‘oh you’re back again it’s good to see you’. I appreciate that very much.

“Another thing I love is fish. The best fish in Arbroath is Peppos! That’s my favourite. John and Frank, I’ve known them for 30 years. They always sing me a song. So to put it in a nutshell - Arbroath is full of good fish and good people who will do anything for you.”