Holiday Club at St Andrew’s

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THE HALLS at St Andrew’s Church were packed to capacity last week with the annual holiday club seeing almost 90 children flocking to take part in the ever-popular mix of fun and games and simple Christian story telling.

In fact quite a few children were disappointed on the Monday morning to find the ‘full up’ signs already up meaning that the club was at capacity!

This year’s club was entitled ‘On Your Marks’ and for this Olympic year was appropriately themed around sporting games and challenges. Each day consisted of a lively mix of madcap games, crafts, story-telling, snack times and group opportunities for new friends to be made and for children to get to know their volunteer leaders.

The Rev. Martin Fair, minister at St Andrew’s and club leader, commented: “The children were wonderfully-well behaved throughout the whole week and from what I could see were having lots of great fun!

“St Andrew’s always has children at the top of its priority list and during these club weeks we’re able to make that abundantly clear. We’re not into indoctrination but we do believe that every child should have the opportunity to engage with the Christian story and if we can offer that and do it in a fun way, so much the better!”

For full listings of what St Andrew’s Church has to offer for children and families, visit - the congregation’s newly updated website.