Holiday at home for Elwood the snake

Jasmine Milar with her snake which hadn't left home after all.
Jasmine Milar with her snake which hadn't left home after all.

ELWOOD the sneaky snake is back in the hands of his loving owner after his unscheduled holiday recently.

On Tuesday, September 4, the Millar family from Horologe Hill noticed their 10-year-old daughter Jasmin’s pet Royal Python had escaped his vivarium and despite spending most of the day moving furniture and appliances he was nowhere to be found.

Later that day father Gary Millar contacted the Arbroath Herald to help them locate Elwood and his disappearance was featured on the newspaper’s website and Facebook page.

By Wednesday afternoon news of Elwood’s escape had travelled around the town and Elwood made the front page of the Arbroath Herald that week in an attempt to stress the three-and-a-half foot snake was no threat.

Gary said: “He’s a very friendly snake, you can handle him no problem and he’s never bitten anyone.”

Then on Thursday Elwood miraculously reappeared, just a few feet from where he disappeared. Gary explained: “My other half, Adele, was in the kitchen and heard a noise and he was at the side of the fridge, he must have gone in the wall cavity.”

Gary explained the previous occupants had done work on the house which had left wall cavities, perfect for a snake looking for a snug place to sleep.

He said: “We thought he went out the window because the window was open in the same room. The only place we thought he could be was the wall cavity.”