High Street residents have had enough

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ARBROATH householders are up in arms over a rubbish dump in a High Street garden.

Residents of Kirk Square in the High Street are demanding action from either Angus Council or the building owner to tidy up the unsightly mess.

The flats above Valy’s clothing store at 175 High Street has been a problem for neighbours for some time.

One resident explained: “A lot of DHSS seem to go into them, and there’s a high turnover of tenants there.

“Two or four times a year the insides of the flats get stripped out and dumped. I don’t know if it’s because the tenants wreck them or what, but it makes a huge mess in the back garden.

“There’s also a lot of household waste dumped on top of this, and the bins don’t get emptied because the tenants don’t put them out for collection.

“This creates a health problem and attracts the gulls when they are in season. The building owner clearly has no respect for his tenants or his neighbours.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council investigate complaints relating to accumulations of waste and I can confirm that we have received, and are currently investigating such a complaint relating to a property in Arbroath High Street.”