High School ‘Rock’ at national final

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Scottish Rock Challenge champions Arbroath High travelled to Milton Keynes to participate in the spectacular national final on Monday.

In an evening of youth, talent and imagination the students represented Scotland along with Peterhead Academy against eight other schools from all over the UK.

They performed their stylish piece ‘Enchanted’, a story of a young girl living in an enchanted castle with the witch that took her there.

Their performance managed to secure many accolades including the ‘Spirit of Rock Challenge’ award. Commenting on Twitter Kirsty Gauld said: “Arbroath winning Spirit of Rock Challenge has made my life.”

Baroness Ruth Henig from the Be Your Best Foundation presented the awards. She said: “This is the third national final that we have had in the UK and the standard tonight is the highest that I can ever remember, it was absolutely unbelievable!”

Hampshire based Yateley School achieved first place with Scottish compatriots Peterhead Academy taking third place.

The school’s success in the competition has led them to being invited to the Premier division in 2016. Expressing their gratitude they said: “Particular thanks to Buchan Embroidery in Peterhead for their continued sponsorship and Piggot’s joinery services for their donation of our fabulous set, Angus Council, the janitors and cleaning staff for their endless patience, teachers and all family and friends.”