Herald Hallowe’en slideshow of Horrors!

Now that we’ve all recovered from the horrors of Hallowe’en and our sugar highs have subsided, here are a look at some of our readers’ phptographs.

From the traditional vampires and zombies to something a little bit ‘out there’, Angus really pulled out all the stops this year!

We have the young superheroes of the Arbroath Town Mission enjoying a special party, a nightmare vision of the ladies of Dream Hair, creepy carved pumpkins from the O’Connor Family, zombies at Barry Mill and the ghastly denizens of the Anchor Bar.

And if that wasn’t enough, have a look at Steve Wild’s seven foot tall Dark Angel Space Marine, made from papier mache and fibre glass using the art of pepacuru.

The fully wearable costume is an accurate rendering of the Mark VII power armour worn by the adeptus astartes (Space Marines) from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

It took Steve five months to build it, along with a replica ‘bolt pistol’ and a chainsword (see pic 3). Understandably it is very heavy to wear!