Services should live on after Little Cairnie say campaigners

Little Cairnie Hospital.
Little Cairnie Hospital.

Fears that Little Cairnie may close could become a reality, but it is believed that should not be the end.

In the event of the closure its legacy should be improved palliative care in Arbroath according to campaigners.

Little Cairnie Hospital was recently included in a review of NHS Tayside facilities and it was initially feared that it would close with the loss of all palliative care services 
in Arbroath.

A spokesperson for NHS Tayside said: “Work is progressing around a review of all the services that are provided at Little Cairnie as part of an ongoing review of all NHS sites in South Angus.

“Discussions have taken place around improving palliative care services in South Angus for both inpatients and those attending day care services. The next stage is to form a working group with clinician, patient and public involvement to look into these improvements in further detail.

“We are grateful for all the feedback we have received so far from members of the 
local communty and we would 
welcome any further 
comments through anguscommunityservices.”

Graeme Dey MSP for South Angus has been supporting the call for better palliative care in the town should Little Cairnie close.

He said: “Personally, I am not hung up on where palliative care is delivered in Arbroath. This is about the town and the surrounding area having access to the best standard of 
provision possible.

“There are fantastic, modern palliative care facilities elsewhere in Angus. I want to see that replicated 
in Arbroath.

“If by moving care to the Infirmary that is achieved then OK. If making the move from Little Cairnie will not lead to improved provision both for patients and their families then, whilst accepting the understandable desire of NHS Tayside to deliver hospital provision in more up-to-date surroundings, I don’t see how we could view such
 a development as representing progress.”

Carol Shand, who has been fund-raising in aid of palliative care at Little Cairnie for a number of years, added: “NHS Tayside is listening, but you can’t shut something down without putting something 
better it its place.

“We need something in its place before anything like that can happen.”

She continued: “We’re going to have a meeting on site with the chief executive at Arbroath Infirmary about what the plans are for doing palliative care up at the infirmary.

“I’m very much for palliative care, that means so much to me. Travelling up and down from Ninewells Hospital is just not on, we need something here in Arbroath.”

Comment forms for the NHS are currently available in Tutties Neuk and Carol hopes that Arbroath folk will make their feelings known on 
the subject.