Probus get to heart of matter

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President Jim Tracey welcomed 42 members and one guest to the meeting of the Arbroath Probus Club on Tuesday in the Royal British Legion Scotland hall in Green Street.

How often have we nodded sagely when a doctor explains a medical problem to us while in reality we haven’t a clue of what he is on about. Club member Arnie Hornsby helped us to understand a little better with his talk entitled “The Heart – A Layman’s Guide to Medical Jargon”.

Members learned that the heart is an electro-mechanical marvel, pumping 5,000 gallons of blood round the body each day without any regular maintenance or attention. However on occasion something can go wrong.

The club heard that the heart has very little duplication of blood supply to the heart muscles and just what a triple bypass means.

Arnie explained terms such as atrial fibrillation, the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure, and what an ECG can show the doctor.

They saw diagrams of Angioplasty using balloons to dilate the blood vessel or now, more usually, stents to keep the artery open.

Arnie glossed over the bad habits which can cause heart problems such as smoking and diet that he was sure we were all aware of – and paid attention to.

He admonished the company to behave themselves although he considered a whisky in moderation was not a bad thing.

And Arnie confessed to being a great exponent – particularly if it was a malt.

The vote of thanks was led by Jim Wynne.

The next club meeting will be at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 13, again at the Legion’s Green Street hall, when the speaker will be Judith Leslie who will give a talk on Angus Care and Repair.