Little Cairnie services redeployed

Little Cairnie Hospital.
Little Cairnie Hospital.

The development of the new enhanced programme of care for older people in Arbroath took a step forward this week.

Earlier this week it was announced that the last of the elderly patients at Little Cairnie Hospital had moved on and that service provision was being redistributed.

Dr Andrew Russell, NHS Tayside medical director explained: “As we stated earlier this month, we know we must change the way in which care is delivered for older people in our communities and in our hospitals.

“Currently, there are no inpatients in Little Cairnie and no one waiting to be admitted. Therefore, as the public would expect, we have redeployed staff from Little Cairnie into the Angus locality in line with the clinical need and care requirements of our patients. This is part of the day-to-day management of all our units across Tayside to ensure person-centred, safe and effective care for everyone.

“The Little Cairnie site remains open as it accommodates other services which are operating as normal.

“We have already outlined the exciting plans we have for the care of older people in our communities in South Angus. This includes the introduction of Enhanced Community Support, a new community-based model of care for the South Angus locality which involves a variety of professionals including GPs, district nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, pharmacists, specialist hospital doctors and social care staff working together as a single team to support individual patients. The team aims to provide care and support in the patient’s own home and, where possible, avoid hospital admission.

“Work is continuing to build the team of medical professionals to support this new model for South Angus. A GP is now set to join the team and it is our intention to get the new community model up and running in March.

“We are continuing with our staff engagement events and the South Angus Public Participation Group is also up and running.”

In April, enablement work will begin at Arbroath Infirmary for planned palliative care improvements and the new Enhanced Community Support model of care is set to begin within the next month.