Inspectors rate care services

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The findings of an inspection into services for older people in our area have been welcomed by Angus Council and NHS Tayside.

A joint inspection was carried out by the Care Inspectorate and Health Improvement Scotland between April and June last year and in its report identified many positive aspects as well as areas for improvement.

High levels of satisfaction were recorded with services, along with good partnership working in localities and positive engagement with staff.

The Shadow Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board for Angus is now addressing the areas identified for improvement.

Work is already underway to improve the support provided to people declared medically fit, to help them return to their homes quicker. The range of supports that allow people to remain at home is also being increased.

Angus Council leader Iain Gaul said: “The assessments contained in the report provide a positive endorsement of our joint provision of services for our older residents. The inspection was carried out early last year when we were in the very early stages of our preparations for integration of health and social care services. We have made considerable and significant progress since then which puts us in an excellent position to deliver all of the requirements that will allow us to improve services for older people in the county.”

Chairman of Tayside NHS Board Sandy Watson said: “Given that this inspection was measuring progress made even before some aspects of guidance on the legislation were issued; this is a good report that reflects how health and social care services and staff support older people in our community. There is an excellent history of joint working between NHS Tayside and Angus Council and I would compliment all staff on the solid progress already made with regard to the integration of adult health and social care.”

Since the inspection the draft scheme of integration has been prepared, the strategic planning group has been established and through the Shadow Integration Board, Angus Council and NHS Tayside are managing the project plan for integration.