Festive eating tips from the NHS

AS ANGUS enters the party season once again NHS Tayside have put together a few tips to help revellers avoid piling on the pounds.

With so many Christmas parties and fancy treats around it can be easy to lose track of just how much we eat and drink.

The Paediatric Overweight Service Tayside (POST) wants everyone to have a great Christmas and enjoy the festivities but also be aware and keep track of their energy intake.

POST practitioner Claire Nicol said: “Did you know the average weight gain for an adult over the festive season is half a stone?

“Many children can put on 4-5 lb, and remember it is much harder for children to lose this extra weight. No wonder standing on the scales come January is often an unpleasant experience.

“It is also very easy to over indulge at the Christmas buffet. One plateful of buffet food can easily give the average adult their daily energy intake for the whole day. Think about how many Christmas parties and buffets you will be around this festive season!”

Here are some top tips on how to be savvy around the buffet table this Christmas and prevent the post-Christmas tummy.

• Use small plates and bowls

• Only visit the buffet table once, don’t hover around it

• Don’t take one of everything – take two of your favourite foods and make sure the rest of the plate is filled up with colourful fruit and vegetables

• If you are hosting the buffet reduce the amount of energy-dense foods on the table. • How about putting out some seasonal fruit like clementines and pears or providing carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks?

It is equally important to keep active this festive season, so brave the cold, wrap up warm and take the family for a festive walk and try to meet the recommended one hour of activity per day.