Don’t smoke near your children

Quit the fags!

Quit the fags!

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People in the North East who think they are doing enough to protect their children from their second-hand smoke are being targeted as part of a new Scottish Government campaign.

With new research showing the harmful chemicals in second-hand smoke linger for up to five hours after the visible smoke has disappeared, the campaign is urging people to take smoking right outside of the home or car for the sake of their children.

Because 85 percent of second-hand smoke is invisible and odourless, many are unaware that smoking indoors, even at a window or standing at the door, isn’t enough to protect children, as the harmful chemicals linger and easily drift around the home. It is estimated that each year second-hand smoke exposure causes UK children over 20,000 cases of lower respiratory tract infection, 120,000 cases of middle ear disease, at least 22,000 new cases of wheeze and asthma, 200 cases of bacterial meningitis, and 40 sudden infant deaths - one in five of all cot deaths.