Concern over patients in independent Scotland

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Statistics released from the SNP Scottish Government have revealed that thousands of Angus patients could potentially lose out should Scotland vote to separate from the rest of the UK.

Tens of thousands of inpatient and outpatient appointments have been made at English hospitals for Tayside residents. They are allowed to be made as part of the cross-borders agreement between the NHS in England and Scotland. If Scotland chooses to breakaway it would be regarded as a foreign country and such arrangements would no longer be in place. Over the last 10 years Angus residents have been given 5,879 outpatient appointments in England.

Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP, said: “We gain many benefits from being part of the UK, but few are as important as the cross-border integration we have with the NHS in England. Every year thousands of patients travel to England for medical appointments, often so they can gain access to the care they need more quickly.”