Harry’s part in Hollywood film

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A LOCAL car enthusiast secured a part for him and his vintage American vehicle in a Hollywood blockbuster at the weekend.

Harry Waterworth, from Arbroath, travelled with his wife, Jeannie, to Glasgow on Saturday when filming was taking place for the film adaptation of the novel ‘Cloud Atlas’.

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry was filming scenes in the city, which was transformed into 1970s San Francisco.

Film producers were eager to replicate the era as accurately as possible and after hearing Mr Waterworth owns a 1968 Big Block Dodge Charger, he was invited to take the car to Glasgow to be part of the film.

And while he was there, he also got the chance to be an extra in the film and even met Halle Berry herself.

Jeannie said: “My son takes part in car racing and we often take the car to racing shows where it was noticed.

“We then received an email asking if we would take the car to be part of the shoot, all expenses paid.

“Harry was only meant to sit in the car while filming but he ended up getting an extras part where he had to walk over and put money in a parking meter.

“It was a great weekend and he even got to meet Halle Berry. He said she was ever so friendly and he managed to even shake her hand.”

‘Cloud Atlas’ sees several different inter-linking stories come together to form a film, with some of the shooting taking place in Glasgow.

The finished movie will also star Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon but Mr Waterworth will have to wait until the film is released late next year to see if he makes the final cut.