Harps harmonise in ‘Rammers’ memory

Harps in green.'memorial team in yellow
Harps in green.'memorial team in yellow

Friends of an Arbroath Tartan Army fan held the fifth memorial day football match in his name at Macdonald Park on Saturday.

Honouring Lichtie Kevin Ramsay, who died in 2010, the annual game celebrated his passion for football.

The Kevin Ramsay Select took on a younger Arbroath Harps team but were defeated 4-1.

“Lots of people turned out for the match which is in it’s fifth year,” said friend and organiser Lee Maclean, “it would have been Kevin’s 40th birthday this year.

“It was a great game despite the strong winds!

“It was a good start for us and we were pretty evenly matched but then the fitness of the younger lads at the Arbroath Harps took over.

“We were struggling to keep the ball in the park at times but it was a great turnout and a great day.”

Many of Kevin’s friends work offshore or further north and they enjoy gathering for the significant to reminisce.

Lee said: “We used to be part of the Tartan Army and go to the Scotland games together.

“After the football match we all went to the Station Bar afterwards to talk about the good old days over a buffet.

“It’s good to get everybody together and we will continue the tradition next year.”