Happy ending for scammed couple?

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An Arbroath couple stung by rogue kitchen-fitters have finally gained some peace of mind, but have reiterated their call for vigilance against cowboy methods.

Last year Jim and Doreen Paton engaged Arbroath firm Calibre Kitchens to design and build them a new kitchen.

The project ended up with them forking over more than £13,000 to the now defunct firm, which used to be based on North Grimsby, and left them with a litany of cut-corners, bodged jobs and complaints and a completely unusable kitchen.

Units were not lined up, the cooker hood was out of alignment with the hob, the wrong oven was supplied, worktops were mismeasured and would not allow doors to open properly, the washing machine drawer was badly fitted, there was no electric lighting and their new fridge freezer was faulty.

Calibre Kitchens closed its doors around Christmas and company director Andy Spence and his associate Stuart Archer have proved difficult to track down.

Earlier this year the couple came forward to warn homeowners about the sharp practices being employed by the firm which has apparently stopped trading in Arbroath. They urged other people who had been left with substandard kitchens to come forward and stop it from happening to others.

This prompted the Spink family to come forward with their own tale of woe and a bill for over £10,000 at their Kinnaird Street home.

As a by-product of their appeal the Patons were contacted by a number of local tradesmen offering to help fix their kitchen.

For the cost of materials Arbroath-based firm Colin Ogilvie Joinery corrected the mistakes left by Calibre Kitchens, while Ian McIntosh fixed the worktops which had been a major problem for the Patons.

Mr Paton told the Herald: “We’ve got a functional kitchen, a very good kitchen now.

“The problem is we’ve found out that Mr Archer has opened up again in Forfar. It’s sort of worked out in the long run but the problem is Archer starting up again.

“We just don’t want somebody sitting out there to get ripped off, we don’t want this to happen to other people.”

l Please turn to page 14 for a letter from someone who shares the same name as one of the businessmen involved in Calibre Kitchens.