Happy ending for dog drama

A CARNOUSTIE couple have been praised for keeping their cool during a seaside drama that nearly cost them their dog.

Alex Smith, Arbroath RNLI operations manager, said all too often when a pet is stranded in the water it can end in tragedy for the owner.

He said: “They did the right thing. We get folk trying to rescue their pet and they get themselves into difficulty.

“We hear too many stories of people who tried to rescue their pet and end up losing their lives in the process.”

The Arbroath crew were scrambled around mid-afternoon on Saturday after receiving a launch request.

Alex explained: “I got the call from Fife Ness Coastguard requesting us to launch stating there was a dog in the water off Carnoustie and it had been there quite a time and they were not sure if it was still alive or not.

“They reckoned it was a quarter of a mile offshore, hanging onto a creel buoy. We were told to launch in case someone tried to go in and rescue their pet and got themselves into difficulties as the water was freezing.”

The dog, a nine-year-old black Labrador named Jasper was still stranded out to sea. Alex continued: “The crew did a great job getting there in less than 15 minutes.

“When they got there the dog was tangled up or holding on hard which meant it was keeping it afloat. They got it onshore to the beach and it was quite tired, but it recovered very quickly.

“The couple belonging to the dog were waiting on the beach, they were glad to get their dog back alive.

“The boys did a really good job getting there in record time.”