Ground is broken as work begins at skatepark site

Supporters, committee members and workers pictured at the construction site for Arbroath Skate Park.
Supporters, committee members and workers pictured at the construction site for Arbroath Skate Park.

Although work has begun at long last on Arbroath’s skate park, the youngsters who will use it will still play a critical role in the process.

On Monday, contractors Alex Butter Landscaping started work at the site on common ground at West Links, but that will not be the end of the line for the skaters and BMXers who have rallied the community to help them realise their dream of a skate park.

Chair of the Arbroath Skate Park (ASP) Committee Jillian Low explained: “ASP members will be involved on a weekly basis, at 4 p.m. every Friday to represent the skate park users and their comments will be discussed with the contractors.

“They will be involved right the way through the construction.”

Alex Butter Landscaping took possession of the site last Monday, and over the next 11 weeks will craft in concrete the various bowls, ramps and grinds which will make up the new skate park.

A fairly straightforward build is envisaged – and this will be their 10th skate park project, having previously completed projects in Glenrothes and Pitlochry among others.

Councillor David Fairweather has been a staunch supporter of the project since its inception, and was delighted to see the group’s hard work pay off.

He said: “For me it’s very difficult to put into words. 15 years ago this was tried, and other groups have tried and tried and said it would never happen.

“When these two kids walked into the community council meeting five years ago and put together a committee that Jillian Low took on and the phenomenal work which has been done with fund-raising since.

“The support of the skaters and BMXers has been amazing, and they have stuck by it and because they actually saw the council would work with them and this time it did happen and we can see the building work has started.

“It’s happening, in fact, it has happened, they are going to have the skate park, which they designed themselves and a design which cost them £11,000. And it wasn’t Angus Council that paid for that design, it was them.”