Great choice at Brechin Castle Centre cafe

The cafe was busy, but given the great food at reasonable prices, it wasn't surprising.
The cafe was busy, but given the great food at reasonable prices, it wasn't surprising.

The Brechin Castle Centre, just outside the town, provides a wonderful array of food for a lunchtime treat, or for a cake and coffee.

My partner Ryan and I went to the centre on Saturday for our lunch (and perhaps a little look around their store!).

Staff at the centre were very polite and helpful, and service was quick and efficient.

The cafe itself was busy, as usual, which isn’t surprising given the choice and quality of the food.

Along with the usual lunch options of paninis, toasties and baked potatoes, the cafe also offers an array of specials cooked in-house.

I was sorely tempted by the beef olives, which smelled amazing, but opted for the lighter option of a baked potato with tuna and salad.

The salad was drizzled with a mustard dressing which helped elevate the flavour.

The potato itself was lovely and fluffy on the inside, with the skin crisp on the outside, adding a different texture. The tuna filling was delicious, and the mayonnaise through it didn’t overpower it and make it too heavy.

Ryan opted for a cheese and ham toastie that also came with a salad (and extra cucumber after I had off-loaded my own helping of cucumber).

The bread was toasted to a lovely golden brown colour and the filling, again, was generous. The cheese was fully melted and wasn’t greasy. There was also a good balance of cheese and ham.

The cafe also has a wide array of cakes - all home baked and they certainly don’t scrimp on the portions.

After much deliberation I opted for a sumptuous-looking strawberry gateau.

The chocolate sponge was light and moist, and the cream filling also had slices of strawberries which helped balance the sweetness of the cake.

As delicious as the cake was, I was ultimately unable to finish it all - although not for a lack of trying.

Ryan opted for a chocolate crispie cake from their tray bake selection, which again was of a decent portion size, the type you would tend to cut off for yourself at home.

The speed of which is was eaten clearly showed he had no complaints with his cake.