Good dog owners bag it and bin it

20150311- Bag It and Bin It. ''Andy Thompson Photography for Angus Council.
20150311- Bag It and Bin It. ''Andy Thompson Photography for Angus Council.

Angus Council has launched a new responsible dog ownership initiative to keep Angus streets and parks free of dog dirt.

The authority cleans up over 2,000 discarded doggie deposits every month, prompting the ‘Bag It and Bin It’ clean up campaign which sees ‘Clean-up Angus’ champions join forces with council waste collectors and community wardens in a short film to promote the message.

The Bag it and Bin it, Leave only Pawprints message is one that Carnoustie Canine Capers has been promoting for nearly four years. Group co-ordinator Flora Cairnie said: “Through the promotion of the Green Dog Walkers initiative, whose branding is available to any burgh or community group in Angus, we are actively encouraging people to clean up after their dogs. We have gathered a lot of support, including that from many businesses who carry a sign in their window offering poo bags if anyone has forgotten one.”

Councillor Jeanette Gaul, the chair of the council’s Pride in Place group added: “Dog fouling isn’t just a disgusting, messy business it’s a costly one too. The council’s dedicated ‘poover’ operator is deployed across Angus with our ‘poover’ machine, and every week poovers up over 2,000 dog faeces!

“All of that effort is making a difference – last year there was a 67 per cent improvement at almost 300 locations across Angus. But we need less mess not more costly clean-up. That’s why we’re urging dog owners to have some pride in their community and clean-up after their dogs. Please pick up after your pooch and bag it and bin it!”

There are over 1,600 litter and dog waste bins across Angus, anyone not cleaning up after their dog should be reported to 08452 777778. The Clean-up Angus ‘Bag It and Bin It’ film is now showing on the council’s You Tube channel.