Golf course access road to be improved

THE POTHOLED access road to Arbroath Golf Course, past the Artisan Clubhouse, and the car parking area at the greenkeepers’ sheds are both to be upgraded by Angus Council within the next few months.

Depute Provost Alex King has had two on-site meetings with the director of neighbourhood services to look at what can be done to improve the road to the level crossing, which is one of the main access points to the links at Elliot.

Some filling of potholes has already been done by contractors who are working on the Easthaven to Elliot footpath and cycle track so that they could get their heavy machinery across the level crossing and on to the road on the other side of the railway.

Neighbourhood services staff are now going to pursue further repairs to the un-metalled road beyond the golf club building, along with the levelling and surfacing of the car parking area with quarry dust.

This material is being used to form the new stretch of footpath and cycleway which, once it is rolled hard, provides a very durable surface – albeit not up to full road surfacing standard.

Once this repair work is done the director and his staff will be looking at the wider tourist opportunities that the Elliot Links nature reserve could offer in the context of the Angus coastal path network.

Councillor King said: “I am very well aware of the many people who regularly use this road and car park to access the Elliot Links at the level crossing to walk along the coastal paths and to exercise their dogs along the dunes and the beach.

“I am also aware that some of those people have recently made considerable comment in the press about the poor state of the road and the car park.

“I tried to get money allocated to tackle these problems when the council’s budget was set in February, but Arbroath members of the then Angus Alliance administration refused to support my proposals.

“Now, just over a month after the council elections, I have had two on-site meetings with officials where they have agreed that both the road and the car park need urgent attention and are now seeking ways to get the necessary work done in the next few months.”