Giving back to the community

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THIS week it is the turn of the final batch of Arbroath good causes in the shortlist for the ‘Giving back to the community’ campaign.

Local businessmen and brothers Valy and Shiraz Ossman have offered to donate a total of £10,000, made up of awards for £5,000, £3,000 and £2,000 to good causes in Arbroath and have teamed up with the Arbroath Herald to let our readers decide how the town should benefit.

Valy said: “Arbroath and the people here have always supported us and now we want to give something back to the community.”

A shortlist of 10 causes was drawn up by a panel and each week some of the causes have been profiled, and now it is time for the final four.

The Furniture Recycling Project on Wardmill Road helps people on low incomes to furnish their homes at an affordable price with good quality secondhand furniture.

Extra funding would allow them to buy a small van to expand their carpet cleaning initiative which in turn would create more funding for the project.

The CAFE Project engages young people from socially and economically disadvantaged or with additional needs backgrounds by providing them with a range of fulfilling activities.

A funding injection would enable them to continue providing a valuable service to enable people to connect, build their self-confidence and develop as individuals.

The Bruce Road Community Flat provides a safe environment and facilities such as internet and laundry.

More funding would enable them to cover expenses, acquire more equipment and take children who use their services on trips.

Showcase the Street won the Angus Ambassador Award in 2010 for their community service, they train volunteers to take dance to after school clubs, Enable, and other groups.

Additional funding would allow them to train more volunteers, engage with more young people in Arbroath and expand the scope of their project.

Votes will be collected in a number of ways. Voters can write to ‘Giving back to the community’, Arbroath Herald, 21 Market Place, Arbroath DD11 1HR. Or, email either or

For the technically proficient, you can vote via Twitter by tweeting @heraldjohnston or @Arbroath_Herald.

And finally, there is a form in our office at 21 Market Place for people to declare their nomination.