Get Stu tattooed!

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A brave Arbroath man is facing his fear of needles and blood and getting a tattoo to raise funds and awareness of the plight of an African village.

Stuart Scott is well-known to his fellow Lichties as the owner of Stuart’s Fresh Fish and as an active Rotarian, but now he will be known for another thing - having a giraffe tattooed on his calf in support of the Children of God Relief Institute (COGRI) Nyumbani Scotland Charity.

The charity, which is supported by the Rotary, among others, currently provides a primary and secondary school for children in the area as well as a state-of-the-art HIV screening laboratory which helps to keep the children free of AIDS.

Fellow Rotarian Alison Stedman has over the last 15 years arranged a number of work parties from Arbroath which have gone over to complete various projects in Nyumbani. In addition Stuart’s daughter Abbey, a member of Arbroath Rotaract, has also been on a work party and it is through them that Stuart was introduced to the idea.

A heavy work schedule has prevented Stuart from making the trip himself, and until now has had to content himself with sending supplies and fundraising.

Now, with this being Alison’s last Nyumbani trip Stuart and his wife Audrey have both signed up to go over to Kenya.

He does not plan to go empty handed either, hence the sponsored tattoo.

Stuart said: “I’m frightened of needles, blood and so on, and would never contemplate getting a tattoo, but I reckon if I can face my fear and be sponsored to be tattooed for a good cause I may manage to donate some dosh to a fab charity in Kenya to help orphaned kids to have a little less fear in their world.

“When we visit next year we want to take out some cash to hand over to Sister Mary, an elderly ‘Saint’ who runs the place. Their logo is a giraffe so I am going to get a medium sized giraffe tattooed on the back of my lower leg, if I can go through it without fainting!”

He continued: “People have said to me that maybe getting a tattoo is a bit over the top and that as a Rotarian I could probably raise the money without it. However, I am hoping that by making a change to myself I will be able to make a difference for the people in Nyumbani.”

Stuart will be getting his tattoo on November 30 and his father-in-law, Ian Berrie, has kindly offered to cover the cost.

To sponsor Stuart pop into his shop on Ladybridge Street or visit

While they are there the work group, which flies over to Kenya in February, will be painting the girls’ secondary school and will also be undertaking a number of repair and redecoration jobs in the village of Nyumbani which is around four or five hours drive from the Nyumbani facility.

For more information about the COGRI-Nyumbani Scotland charity visit