Game for life

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Carnoustie Panmure SCIO celebrated their continued commitment to providing a full player career pathway when their youngest and oldest players met.

With their youngest player, Daniel Brown, turning five last month, and their oldest player, John Mooney, looking forward to his 74th birthday next month, the club is well on its way to enhancing accessibility to sports.

Daniel plays for one of the younger squads while John is part of the Panmure Walkers, from their relatively new walking football programme.

Chair of Carnoustie Panmure SCIO, Phil Hope, explained that there were lots of benefits for older people taking part in sports.

He said: “John used to get physio and his mobility wasn’t that great, but since he started walking football his mobility has been much better.

“We regularly get 18 players, not the same ones every session due to work and other commitments.

“Then afterwards they go through to the cafe for team cakes that the club secretary makes for them every week. There’s that sort of social aspect afterwards, they get to spend time with guys of the same age and make new friends.

“In January there, they all went for a Christmas dinner together.

“We have achieved a full player pathway, although there’s maybe a gap in our over 30s to 55s, but we would need the 3G pitches before that happens.

“We’ve got something for everyone.”

According to Phil the club continues to grow, increasing their need for more sports facilities.

He said: “Some of the teams are getting quite big.

“The 2005 year group has two squads in their league because they have about

40 players.

“We’ve not counted the players in a wee while as we’re waiting for things to settle down, but we are topping 500 easy.

“We need to finalise the 3G pitch project, we’re coming close to having the finance in place for that.

“What we’ve found is that a lot our teams have not been able to play in Carnoustie for a while because of the weather. All that rain has made them unplayable.

“Our teams are at a disadvantage compared to Forfar, Montrose and clubs in Dundee where they’ve got better access to floodlit artificial pitches where kids can play all day.”

However, quotes have been received from companies to carry out the work on the 3G pitch project and it is expected that the development will be finished in plenty of time for the winter, if not the summer.