Fund-raising push for autism

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AN ARBROATH mother has raised more than £145 for a charity that is close to her heart.

Leigh Robertson, along with a group of friends, held a collection in the High Street recently to gather funds for the National Autistic Society (NAS).

Leigh’s six-year-old daughter, Kaelyn, who attends Hayshead Primary, has autism and Leigh knows just how important is to people who suffer from the condition.

She said: “When Kaelyn was at nursery school she found it hard to make friends, usually playing alone.

“I had no idea what was wrong. I thought I must be a bad mum. Luckily, when she was three, the staff at Hayhead Nursery took me aside and suggested I look into the possibility that Kaelyn might have autism. 

“She’s a bright little girl and I’m so glad her autism has been diagnosed early, because it means she has a better chance of accessing the support she needs.

 “We started the evening collecting donations at the homes of family and friends.

“But NAS is such a worthwhile cause that we decided to just go for it and headed out to local pubs and clubs in our fancy dress.”

r Pictured are Kaelyn and Leigh.