Full steam ahead for Christmas at the Legion

ANY PRETENCE that the run up to Christmas will be a quiet affair has clearly not filtered down to the Arbroath Legion.

It is all hands on deck to help with the various Christmas dinner dances, Christmas parties and general gatherings in the club function rooms.

In the last month the women’s section have catered for over eight major functions and since December 1, the main hall has been booked up most nights.

This includes two full sittings the club has organised for the OAPs Christmas dinner dance.

In the meantime, the honorary treasurer, Derek Scott, has been preparing the books for audit prior to the annual general meeting, which will be in the upstairs hall in Helen Street at 7.30 p.m. On Thursday (December 20).

The branch and club are in a healthy state but that is down to hard work by the bar staff, committee members and most of all the loyalty of its members.

All are welcome to the AGM but if anyone wishes to air any views or have any queries they wish to address to the trustees or vote on any motions, only paid up members are eligible to do so.

So get your annual subscription paid up now by filling in the forms available behind the bar and leaving the appropriate amount with the completed form.

The club responds to the wishes of its members so it is important that there is a healthy turnout at the AGM so that you know how the club is being run.

The secretary, Colin McDonald, is encouraged that the club has over 1,000 members on the books but only 636 have paid their annual subscription, so get your subs in now before it becomes a Christmas casualty!

Finally, reading through the historical diaries, which are available in the lounge bar, it is interesting to see the Arbroathians were serving on all fronts during the Second World War, in December 1942.

As you would expect, the Legion were to the fore in providing welfare and financial support to families of the deceased, missing servicemen and merchant navy men and those who were prisoners of war of the German’s and Japanese.

These were terrible, uncertain times but every week Helen Street was the centre of many fund-raising events, which must have been a great morale boost to those who needed support. Go forward to today and Helen Street is still raising funds for both local and service charities and looking after the welfare of veterans in need.

The branch and club would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe and enjoy.

Paddy Quinlan

Branch chairman