Full house for Speakers’ Club

THERE was another full house in the Meadowbank on Thursday when members of Arbroath Speakers’ Club enjoyed a full and very varied programme of speeches and topics.

Chairman for the evening Duncan Stewart introduced a line-up of four speakers who between them are at very different stages of their speaking careers, and who in the course of the evening covered a wide range of speaking assignments.

First up was a new member Graham Robb, undertaking his first speech ‘My World’, the purpose of which is to give fellow members the chance to learn more about the speaker.

The second speaker Lis Hill, having been offered three possible subjects by chairman Duncan Stewart, had just 10 minutes to prepare an impromptu eight-minute speech on her chosen title ‘Hold the Front Page’.

Although a relatively new member, Sharon Cummings is already halfway through the first 10 assignments and this week tackled the task of developing good voice modulation, probably the most powerful weapon in any speaker’s tool kit. Her title was ‘Communication’.

Wilma Lennox’s mission was to make certain that her speech ‘Animal Magic’ was convincing enough to make at least a major proportion of her audience understand her point of view.

After the break Evelyn Young, carrying out the task of topics master for the first time, reminded the audience that March 1 was St David’s Day and introduced her theme for the topics session as a half dozen saints, some well known and others less so.

It turned out there were no sinners as Alastair Rodger, June Jelly, Christine Watkin, Jackie Stewart, Robert Peat and Robert Ramsay found plenty to celebrate St Martha (home-makers); St Jerome (librarians); St Christopher (travellers); St Sebastian (athletes); St Isodore of Seville (the Internet) and St Cecilia (music).

Jim Christie, Gerry Jackson, Robert Ramsay and Robert Hill evaluated the speeches and John Winterton was the general evaluator.