From End to End for Brooke’s Dream

TWO local cycling enthusiasts are tackling a special challenge to raise money for Brooke’s Dream.

Alan Taylor and Barrie Taylor, no relation, announced recently they had begun preparations to cycle from Land’s End to John o’ Groats in April.

The route will see the intrepid pair cross nearly 1,000 miles of varied and challenging terrain to raise money for Brooke Ramsay (7).

Brooke’s Dream was set up last year to raise money to fund after-care treatment following a selective dorsal rhizotomy to remove spasticity in her legs.

Hopefully the pair will not get lost on their travels as Alan has travelled this path before.

He said: “I did this route just over a year ago and was looking for a reason to cycle it again.

“After going to the quiz night in aid of Brooke’s Dream back in November last year in Forfar, I thought this would be a great cause to do the cycle for.”

Barrie is a colleague of Brooke’s father and was keen to help. He said: “I work with Stewart and have spoken with him a lot about the fund-raising campaign.

“I know how much effort he and his family are putting in to try and achieve a better life for Brooke and I was determined from that point on that I would do whatever I could to help out.”

This is not the first challenge Barrie has completed for Brooke either. He explained: “I did the Ben Nevis climb along with Stewart and the others last September.

“When Alan suggested the cycle I was a little concerned that it might be too far for me, but have looked at every aspect of it and having been training hard and am determined that this will give the fund a boost.” The Ramsays continue to be astounded by the generosity and selflessness of fund-raisers. Stewart said: “Barrie first told me about this around three or four weeks ago, although he had evidently been planning for it for some considerable time.

“I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been left speechless by the actions of others during this campaign. What can you say when someone gives up part of their holiday time and pledges to cycle 1,000 miles in aid of your daughter?

“My colleagues in Tayside Police have been so supportive of me and no words will ever express how grateful we are for that.”

Alan and Barrie would like to keep a running total of sponsorship, so anyone donating directly to Brooke’s Dream to support this challenge is kindly asked to reference them to help to do this.

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