From Arbroath with love

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A container of hope which set out from Arbroath in November arrived earlier this month at its destination in the deprived state of Malawi.

The 40-foot shipping container, filled with medical equipment, clothes, household items and school materials, arrived in the Namisu Orphan Village on January 9 after a journey of more than 5,000 miles and a year of fund-raising and collecting of items by the St Andrew’s Church 
Malawi Group.

Charis Bowie from the group said: “The container was sent out in October and arrived at Namisu orphan village on Thursday, January 9, a little later than expected but all well and good.

“We are now collecting for another container so are looking for sponsors to fund the project and donations of clothes, toys, books, bikes, educational equipment, etc. People should contact St Andrew’s Church office to arrange drop off on 01241 431135.”

The Namisu Orphan Village, which lies just outside the Malawian capital of Blantyre, was established by the water cooler company AquAid through their AquAid Lifeline Fund.

Namisu is home to around 3,000 orphans and provides them with food, shelter, medical care and education.