From Arbroath to Africa....

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A consignment of specialist health equipment and seating is bound for Malawi to help in the treatment and support of disabled orphans.

The property has been stored at Angus Council’s Joint Equipment Loan Service (AJELS), which provides community living and nursing equipment to support people at home with physical disability and illness.

Based at Little Cairnie Hosptial in Arbroath, AJELS also donates equipment, no longer considered suitable for service users in Angus, to charity.

Staff were delighted when the opportunity arose to provide items of “static stock” to St Andrews Church Malawi Project, working with AquAid Lifeline.

Convener for Social Work and Health, Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “The items, which include some specialised paediatric equipment, have been stored away for about five years, so we were very pleased when the opportunity arose to donate them to a deserving cause.

“I am sure they will be of enormous benefit to the staff and children at the centres they are bound for.”

Sheila Dunphy, of St Andrews Church Malawi Project, has been closely involved in the charity for a number of years.

The Arbroath-based church has been helping to finance the building and running of two orphan residences.

Both centres provide two meals a day to around 300 children, as well as education, clothing and medical care.

Around 30 children live at the residences, which run alongside day

care centres.

Sheila said: “Last year we were grateful to receive a large amount of educational supplies from Timmergreens Primary before the school was knocked down.

This was of tremendous help to our centres and also the two primary schools that Aquaid Lifeline run.

“The equipment from the Angus Joint Equipment Loan Scheme will be of great use at our almost completed clinic at Kambilonjo, Queens Hospital in Blantyre, Mlambe in Lunzu and Thyolo hospital in Thyolo all of which we have strong connections with.

“The children’s equipment will be of great use at the centre for disabled children at Aquaid’s centre at Namisu.”

Councillor Middleton handed over the stock to Sheila Dunphy of the project last Friday afternoon.