FriockHub project plans unveiled

Graham Day opened the Friokheim Hub on Sarurday afternoon.
Graham Day opened the Friokheim Hub on Sarurday afternoon.

The ‘FriockHub’ project to redevelop the redundant village school into a community hub serving the residents of Friockheim and its rural hinterland has moved a step closer.

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey officially declared an interim office open on Saturday.

He commented: “It has been around 18 months since I first came here to meet with Dougie Pond and his team and learn of their ambitions for the building. The determination and patience of everyone involved has been tested with various obstacles having to be overcome.

“So hats off to the driving forces behind this project and I hope that the milestone that their opening the interim office represents offers encouragement to them.”

At present the redevelopment is hoping to include sports facilities such as badminton and indoor bowls, an exhibition/reception area, five small business units, a cafe facility, a gym, a projection area for theatre groups, cinema, etc, facilities for receptions of up to 150, a community garden and various multi-purpose meeting rooms.

The project is being supported initially by development funding from BigLotteryScotland, and this will enable the project to move to a planning application, develop a robust legacy business plan, commission condition surveys, and undertake market research and further community consultation.

The interim office will form a base from which the increasing work load of the project can be delivered and will offer a drop in facility to enable the community to discuss the project and find out how it is progressing.

Dougie Pond, FriockHub chairman, said: “With the opening of this interim office, and the granting of development funding, ‘FriockHub’ has taken a giant step nearer to becoming a reality, a step towards giving Friockheim the type of facilities and services that it needs and deserves.”