Friendship Corner

MRS MARGARET Gellatly welcomed members to the weekly meeting of the Friendship Corner held in the Old and Abbey Church hall on Thursday afternoon.

Entertainment was provided by Coral McMullan and Tom Masson.

Tom, on cornet began by playing a solo then turned to the piano and played ‘Let us Haste to Kelvingrove’ ‘I Lo’ve nae a Lassie’ and ‘Comin’ through the Rye’.

Tom, on piano accompanied by Coral sang ‘The Heart of Scotland’, ‘My Scottish Homeland’ and ‘Auld Scottish Mother Mine’.

A sing-a-long medley was then played which included ‘Daisy Daisy’, ‘The Tale of Capri’ and ‘Side by Side’.

Coral then gave renditions of ‘Around the World’, ‘Softly Softly’ and ‘Tammy’.

Once again on cornet Tom played a Welsh tune and ‘Phil the Fluter’s Ball’ followed by two poems namely, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Spring’.

Coral then sang ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs’, ‘Love’s Old Sweet Song’ and ‘The Old House’.

Tom’s final cornet solo included a Scottish selection ending with ‘Scotland the Brave’.

Coral ended with a rousing version of ‘Praise the Lord’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ sung half in Welsh and half in English.

This ended an afternoon of high quality music.

Margaret Henderson proposed a vote of thanks.