Freedom Parade By The Black Watch Third Battalion Royal Regiment Of Scotland

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The Black Watch Third Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland will march through Forfar on Thursday (December 3) on a Freedom Parade through the town centre streets.

Setting off from the former Chapel Park Primary School in Academy Street at 11am more than 100-strong, the Black Watch will march into the centre of Forfar and take the salute from dignitaries, veterans and Angus councillors at The Cross.

Among the reception group will be Lord Lieutenant of Angus, Mrs Georgiana Osbourne; Major Brian Cooper, Officer Commanding Headquarter Company; and Provost of Angus, Councillor Helen Oswald.

The parade of Black Watch personnel, members of the Regiment’s pipe band, as well as veterans from the Black Watch Association, will celebrate the Freedom of Angus granted to them in 2006.

The parade comes to an end back at Academy Street and there is a civic reception thereafter at the Royal British Legion Scotland.

The Provost said: “On behalf of the residents of Forfar and indeed Angus we offer our heartfelt and very warmest of Angus welcomes to the Battalion on their return to the county.

“We are all very proud of our long-held association with the Black Watch and are grateful for the continued outstanding service they give to this county and this country.”