Former Arbroath High headteacher given conditional registration order

Pictured is Gillian Rew
Pictured is Gillian Rew

Former Arbroath High School head teacher Gillian Rew will remain on the teacher register - but it will be subject to conditions.

The conditions are in place for a period of two years and include submitting on a six monthly period to blood and hair samples to test for alcohol and sending the results to the fitness to teach department within a week of receipt of the results.

Ms Rew must also inform the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s (GTCS) fitness to teach department if any disciplinary proceedings are taken against her by her employer or other professional regulatory body.

She must also provide the fitness to teach department with written report from her treating psychologist which show she is “participating in, and responding positively to, psychological treatment”.

Ms Rew must also inform any organisation or person employing her as a teacher, or in a post that requires GTCS registration, that her registration is subject to those conditions.

Following a disciplinary hearing by GTCS in September, the panel thought “given the surrounding circumstances, to which it will return, and the fact that staff, pupils and parents had spoken up for the Respondent, it could treat the Respondent’s behaviour as falling short, if only by a very narrow margin, of the kind of fundamentally incompatible conduct that would have to result in a finding of unfitness to teach.”

Accordingly, the panel “did not find the Respondent [Ms Rew] unfit to teach and accepted that her fitness to teach is currently impaired.”

The panel determined that “a conditional registration order and a reprimand was the appropriate disposal”. The full decision can be found on GTCS’ website at