Focus on photography

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An evening in the company of the talented folks at the new photography club is not just a learning experience, but a social one.

Armed with the office camera and a good dose of nerves I nestled in a corner of the Volunteer Centre Angus, Guthrie Port and watched on at the hustle and bustle of activity.

Each meeting serves a certain theme and aptly the group had chosen ‘Christmas’. Around me tinsel twinkled, lights were hung and interesting tableaux were set up to entice the creativity of those present.

The club is completely informal, yet extremely well run by a team of eight committee members who channel their passion for photography with their passion for sharing it, creating a fun and relaxed environment designed at people ‘giving it a go’.

Although there is always lots of support from experienced photographers, it is a chance to try new things with your camera, through self learning.

“The committee decides on a theme for each workshop and we set up props on a variety of tables, each aided by an experienced photographer,” explained Anne Johnston, committee member, “There is no previous experience necessary as it is all about learning and improving.”

Club treasurer Belinda Brown said: “I used to use the ‘auto’ setting for everything, now I use manual nearly all the time. It is about learning and gaining confidence as well as becoming familiar with your camera.”